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About Us

Hi!  I’m Beckie  - sole dyer, web-site operator, packer, shipper, e-mailer, and head of anything and everything that goes into Shirley Brian Yarns! 


Thank you for joining us - I hope you find something here that inspires you.  


So, my guess is that you’ve clicked that whole “About Us” button because you may be curious about, well “us”!  I’ve been in the yarn game for the better part of a decade, almost six of those years have been creating and selling Shirley Brian Yarns!  SBY started within the walls of my yarn store in Perth ON Canada.  I started, ran, and then sold the store after five and half amazing years.


SBY started as a little passion project and bloomed into something I wanted to pursue full time.  Running two yarn businesses all by myself was no longer sustainable so my little shop was sold and carries on without me onto its next journey and SBY and I on ours.


There are so many projects and events coming for SBY.  Please make sure to join our mailing list to stay up-to-date on new additions to our line up and very limited edition runs.


My guess is that you’re also wondering how a girl called Beckie is owner and operator of a brand called Shirley Brian Yarns - easy peasy!  The Shirley is from my Grandmother who was a knitting machine.  Always had needles in hand and could knit circles around anyone - seriously, I owned a yarn store for over five years, I’m a good authority on the matter 😉  The Brian is my Father, he left us much too soon - always there with an ear to listen and never ever put anything above his family.  There you have it Shirley Brian Yarns.  The missing piece in all of this of course is my Mom - my superhero, business guru, shrink, best friend, and overall bada$$.  Her name isn’t in the title of the company, but the company wouldn’t exist without her support, encouragement, and faith in me - especially when I have none in myself.


So, now you know - the full SBY story thus far!  I hope you’ll join me on knitting the next part of the journey!


(oh, and the handsome guy in the photo is Oliver - CEO of my life for the past nine years.  He retired from the work life after we left Unraveled; he now spends his days sleeping, asking for more treats, and generally bossing me around).


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